Example:.0.9 (build 9551 convert 9551 to HEX, you get 4F 25).
Tauren can harvest Earthroot immediately after training Herbalism, since their skill will start.Offset 47X - character status - (values: 00 - normal; 40 - flagged FOR force rename).Offset 07 - socket GEM IN free ipad slot games igt item with gemslot (IDs for items with gem sockets are by order of aquiring of each item, record packets to find).Wednesday we had massive storms that took out the power and royalton luxury resort and casino punta cana internet, so I didn't get to play at all.Offset 04 - account status (For full list of values found so far see this - link).It's a very tedious thing.In addition a number of other resources (those that may be considered plants) will also be highlighted.Then Ashayo came and helped Asheal get some quests done so that Asheal was a level or so ahead.Tuesday I was in Kara before shutdown to help finish clearing.
Offset 10 - item movement: source slot (the slot in bag, where your item is before being moved).
Offset 07-10 curved t slot - character: area trigger (Same as the one before, but for portals/map change triggers).Did a lot maintenance.I want to try out the technique of both toons casting the same spells simultaneously.Find Herbs is a detecting ability, and as such cannot be active at the same time as other abilities such as Find Minerals or other tracking abilities.You have to put each individual pet up for auction and then immediately bid on it on the other character right away.Gives a potential herbalism skill.

Record packets of the objects to get their IDs first.).
Fel Blossom is occasionally found with the Outland herb Felweed and gives a damage absorption buff (absorbs 750 to 1250 damage) lasting 15 sec when used.