If there was the lottery by shirley jackson message a tie for second place after the first round, a tie-breaker question would be asked to determine which player would advance to the next round.
Five topics were always available for players to choose from, with punning titles hinting at the questions' content.
The isolation booth for the contestant was plain, with a hardwood stool and a bare hanging light bulb, while Stein's booth was more luxurious, with a leather wingback chair and other lavish furnishings.Although the questions were always serious, the topic titles were humorous and often scatological or sexually suggestive.Near the end of the episode, it was revealed that she had tied up Nancy Pimental and taped her mouth shut.The winner attempted to beat Ben Stein for the entire 25,000.Mnemonic Plagues If You Drink Enough Salt Water, UPC He Plays Blackjack in His Shirtsleeves and Craps in His Pants That Greek Guy Took Acropolis in the Museum I Stand to Tinky Winky, but I Sit to Take a Po Like a Rhinestone Cow Pie.Versions outside the USA "Win Beadle's Money a British version, hosted by Jeremy Beadle, ran in the United Kingdom in 1999.M External links * m/wbsm/ "Win Ben Stein's Money" episode guide (unofficial) *imdb titleid0118515titleWin Ben Stein's Money.For example, after asking the last question, Kimmel might ask, "Will you have my baby?" or "Do you want to cuddle after the show?" or, if Stein were on the losing end, "How does it feel to lose 5,000?" *Beginning in the second season, contestants.The other player advanced to the final round to compete head-to-head against Stein for the grand prize of 5,000.
It featured three contestants who competed in a general knowledge quiz contest to win the grand prize of 5,000 from the show's host, Ben Stein.Upon losing the final round, Stein would half-bow to the winning contestant, reluctantly open his safe, hand the contestant 5,000, and say, "I bow to your superior intellect.The bound and gagged Nancy (comically) hopped out onto the stage and eventually freed herself and returned to hosting.Night on Bald Mountain" (leading to the final round) by Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky (coming out of the final commercial break and cuing to the final round).The contestant went on to answer all ten of his questions correctly, and Stein and Kimmel kept their word, with even the contestant joining.Stein always had a co-host to exchange jokes with and to ask some of the questions in the game.It aired on Channel Five.Include description, all Listings, accepts Offers, auction.If You Da Pimp, Idaho Show Me Your Signature and I'll Show You My Hancock Don'a Ask-o, Donatello Rubbing His Crystal Balls Made Him a Happy Medium The Telephone Repairman Tried to Tally Up the Outlets, but He Was a Jack Off Honey Your Bush.At the end of the first round, the contestant with the lowest score was eliminated from the game and that player's money (if any) was added back into Stein's bank.

During some segments of the show, Stein would actually participate as a "common contestant" in order to defend his money from being taken by his competitors.