19 On two occasions, Duke has testified in Congress on behalf of the Poker Players Alliance regarding the legality of Internet gambling.
Agile With a Lowercase "a".
Popular agile software development frameworks include (but are not limited to Agile software development practices edit Agile software development is supported by a number of concrete practices, covering areas like requirements, design, modeling, coding, testing, planning, risk management, process, quality, etc.While not prohibited by the Scrum methodology, the scrum master needs to ensure they have the capacity to act in the role of scrum master first and not working on development tasks.53 In response, a range of strategies and patterns has evolved for overcoming challenges with large-scale development efforts ( 20 developers) 54 55 or distributed (non-colocated) development teams, 56 57 amongst other challenges; and there are now several recognised frameworks that seek to mitigate.Parsons Institute for Information Mapping.81 A similar survey, the State of Agile, is conducted every year starting in 2006 with thousands of participants from around the software development community.90 This increases the likelihood of failure.Retrieved b "Annie Duke:Results".
"Do Agile Methods Require Documentation?".
Although these all originated before the publication of the Agile Manifesto, they are now collectively referred to as agile software development methods.
39 Scott Ambler states that documentation should be "just barely good enough" (jbge 40 that too much or comprehensive documentation would usually cause waste, and developers rarely trust detailed documentation because it's usually out of sync with code, 39 while too little documentation may also."Staccato grand station casino Signals:Agile and Documentation"."Sprint issues when sprints turn into crawls".Predictive methods rely on effective early phase analysis and if this goes very wrong, the project may have difficulty changing direction."Annie Duke talks Epic Poker League, role model".Further reading edit Abrahamsson,.; Salo,.; Ronkainen,.; Warsta,.

"Top Ten Organizational Impediments to Large-Scale Agile Adoption".