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If the President how to make easy money on the internet free dies/resigns/gets removed from office, the President of how much money does a game designer make a year the Senate (elected by Senators to be their leader) stands in, while an election is called and a new President is elected.The power of congress to establish the measurements of time, weight, distance, etc.Both houses of Congress must approve the nominee of the President before it cam be filled.The Vice president is president of senate, but he can only vote 2 break ties, among other small powers.Taxes at the same rate nationwide.Lieutenant governors, with theexception of Massachusetts, will become the governor if theincumbent dies, resigns, or otherwise steps down.The Vice President of the US is also the President of the Senate.
Lobbyists play a significant role in testifying before congressional hearings and in mobilizing opinion on select issues.The Senate Vice Pres.Congressional member behavior Members may be devoted to constituents, their own views, pressure groups, or party leaders Representational view: members vote to please their constituents, often to win reelection Organizational view: if not voting for their constituents, vote along party lines, committees Attitudinal view: members.States that the new president nominates a new VP but it must be approved by both houses of congress What does impeach mean?1790 Why did Jefferson and strict constructionists believe that a bank was unconstitutional?He later became Vice President for President Franklin.His only real power is his ability to vote in case of a tie in the Senate.In its nonlegislative capacity, Congress also has the power to initiate amendments to the Constitution, and it must determine whether the states should vote on a proposed amendment by state legislatures or by special state conventions.

Powers given to Congress that aren't in the constitution.