Disasters edit Two new disasters are included in the pack, UFO attack and Autosaurus Wrecks.
The UFO attack summons a mother ship which fires a destructive blast and spawns smaller ships.For example, if you all slot machines 10 times pay are favoring drilling or mining, create your road network so it goes around the resources, even if you're not ready to build the mine yet.For example, if you zone a bunch of houses over a coal deposit, and then decide you want to extract the coal, you'll have a lot of hidden expenses and lost money as you destroy the zones you've placed and create new ones.Another addition is a toll booth which can be placed on roads, highways, or avenues in order to get money.The newest addition to the roads section are one way roads and avenues.This should help you get a region started, but after you have some sort of base just keep playing around, see what else works :-).
Purchase water from your first city.
I like to develop my cities using squares of blocks, if that makes sense.Some vehicles have certain individual features, such as a police siren on police cars or the capacity to damage sections of the city with munitions from vehicles such as tanks, helicopters and jets.One-way roads are the same size as normal roads only they stretch into one direction, while avenues are 4-lane (2 lanes per direction) dual carriageway roads the same size as highways, with some shrubbery in the center strip (defined by the wealth of buildings.You can either place a coal fired power plant in a corner somewhere or buy power from the first city - either way these arrangements are only temporary.Make sure there is ample power and water coverage around the city, then start bringing in the medium-high wealth residents.It also enables players to examine the number of cars that travel on each road in order to determine which roads are the most congested.For mass transit I generally use a subway station in the middle of these blocks, with a bus stop or two next to it and another 4-8 bus stops spread out around the block.Place connecting power lines towards your other two cities and sell them power.No matter what strategy you use, however, this is the time to plan for.3 The remainder of the soundtrack was composed by Martin, as well as The Humble Brothers, Walt Szalva, and Edwin Dolinski.

Also make sure appropriate mass transit networks are in place.
3 EA Games freely hosts the soundtrack for download.
There are two modes of driving: Scenario Mode, where the player has a limited amount of time to complete a mission and win money or prizes, or Free Drive, that allows the player to drive freely.