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Moral standards improved very dramatically, especially for the middle class.
94 Mortality rates The mortality rates in England changed greatly through the 19th century.The ascension of her eldest son, Edward, begins the Edwardian era.That equates to 700 for each adult member of Gosford's population.469484 online Sandiford, Keith.Society and culture Evangelicals, Utilitarians and reform The central feature of Victorian era politics is the search for reform and improvement, including both the individual personality and the society.The railways responded by purchasing about a fourth of the canal system, in part to get the right of way, and in part to buy off critics.Even more important were political reforms, especially the lifting of disabilities on nonconformists and Roman Catholics, and above all, the reform of Parliament and elections to introduce democracy and replace the old system whereby senior aristocrats controlled dozens of seats in parliament.Roberts, Clayton and David.
1889 Emily Williamson founds the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds British and Australian officers in South Africa during the Second Boer War Under the Elementary Education Act 1870, basic State Education becomes free for every child under the age.
Population The Victorian era was a time of unprecedented population growth in Britain."Looking backward, looking forward: the Victorians in the rear-view mirror of future history." Victorian Studies.3 dolus bonus (2011 445456.Excessive drinking, and religious decline.It later became associated with the Impressionistic and Social Realist techniques that would dominate the later years of the period in the work of artists such as Walter Sickert and Frank Holl.Office of the Ombudsman, specified entities, office newport grand casino events of the Commissioner for Privacy and Data Protection.The emergence of photography, showcased at the Great Exhibition, resulted in significant changes in Victorian art with Queen Victoria being the first British monarch to be photographed.

Glaser, "English Nonconformity and the Decline of Liberalism." American Historical Review.2 (1958 352363.
"Is this what Labour's next Clause four should say?".
Second the spiritual reform closely linked to evangelical Christianity, including both the Nonconformist sects, such as the Methodists, and especially the evangelical or Low Church element in the established Church of England, typified by Lord Shaftesbury (18011885).