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Everyone (except Grampa) runs to the center square.
Code lottery results 18 feb 104 " Bart of horseshoe casino cleveland entertainment Darkness " The Simpsons sit down in midair; the couch builds itself on top of the family and makes them fall.The family looks around, wondering where Homer.Homer is in a body cast and turns on the wall-mounted flatscreen.Burns signals for benchwarmer Barney Gumble to run in and take Homer's place.The Simpsons and philosophy: the d'oh!Commentary for "Cape Feare in The Simpsons: The Complete Fifth Season DVD.Krabappel ) from the show who obstruct the family's view.After that, the fifth season started with 1F and continued in order until season nine (which was 5F).The man eats the cupcake and walks off as the banner falls on the disappointed family.When Homer sits down, his side of the couch falls through.A safety bar lowers over their teresa palmer pokies laps and the couch zooms around the room like a roller coaster car.
October 29, 1992 9F04 65 " Itchy Scratchy: The Movie " The Simpsons sit on the couch.
November 3, 1996 3F23 156 " The Homer They Fall " The couch sits in the middle of a desert ; the family, in western cowboy garb, sits on the couch, which gallops off into the sunset.November 24, 2002 dabf18 296 " Helter Shelter " In a parody of the Macintosh paint program, Kid Pix, a mouse cursor drags Homer from the left side of the couch to the right, changes the wall color to green, and replaces the boat painting.Homer clicks on the remote control and sends the family to the Stone Age where they sit in front of a fire, clicks it again to send them to the era of the Roman Empire where they watch a gladiator match, and clicks.February 9, 2003 eabf06 302 " Barting Over " The living room is made of assorted candies and gingerbread.Leaving the jungle, a brief Ice Age occurs as he evolves from a Neanderthal, to a Cro-Magnon, to an upright walking caveman.They are soon arrested, identified in a line-up, and executed on an electric couch.(repeat airings and syndicated reruns use the "Seven-Beer Snitch" couch gag from gabf08).