value bet poker definition

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For this example, lets say we bet 50 of the pot, or 8bb.Below is a hypothetical example to illustrate the point.Texas hold 'em, a player has 8 6 with a flop of 9 7 2, The player has an open-ended straight draw and so has eight outs (four 10 s and four 5 s).Lets pretend this is early in a no-limit holdem tournament.AQ with the Qc or AK with the Kc will make it two betting rounds.You can use the above chart to help you analyze your hands by determining your opponents hand range and your equity.With 47 unknown cards, the player will make the straight approximately one time for every five times he doesn't, thus a bet is profitable if six or more of his opponents will call the bet (he will win once ( 6 bets ) and lose.However, with some practice it's possible to gain a level of proficiency where you can do rough EV estimates for fold equity situations and river value bet spots.Let's assume that we somehow know his exact range and it is only Ax, where the non-ace card is a club.
10 of the time, 20, 50?
Jeśli gracz ma w ostatniej rundzie licytacji najlepszą rękę i chce wyciągnąć od przeciwnika więcej pieniędzy, gra tak zwany value bet.But there's a little bit of a disconnect here.This is usually going to be in special cases where either All the money is already all-in online gambling laws 5th prince You're faced with a decision to call all-in or fold.In the end, you earned 3,500 by betting the turn as opposed to the 1,000 you would have earned by playing tricky.So, 60 of the time you are going to get called and win money (assuming you are betting a reasonable amount).Since this is a solid opponent, he would have most likely re-raised pre-flop with a strong Ace, AA, KK or QQ and he would have likely folded a weak Ace.This requires a deep understanding of your equity, as well as the ability to do basic algebra on the fly, but estimates will usually get you pretty close.One last coin flip example: I tell you that I will pay you.80 if you flip heads, and you will have to pay.60 if you flip tails.This bet (or raise) is intended to increase the size of the pot, by inducing opponents to call.