utter nonsense card game review

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Once everyone has had the chance to speak (in clockwise order from the judge the Nonsense Judge picks their favorite (funniest, most accurate, whatever criteria they decide) and awards them the accent card.Ok, the accent is Pirate.First player to five points wins!Use 1 accent card and then everyone reads one of their phrase cards with that accent and the judge deems one player the round winner.Players then check their hand and (attempt) to say the phrase in the accent indicated.Speaking of speaking, jess : Speaking of speaking?Utter Nonsense boasts 500 cards between the Accent and Phrase cards, which is a solid little brick of absurdity. .What the game provides you is a vehicle for humor, but it is up to you and your crew to bring it to life. .The winning player and the challenger each pick a new phrase from their hand and say it in the same accent.I hate reading articles about games that arent out yet. .Its a chance to be silly and funny and laugh at yourself and your friends.
Rob : Do I have to do the silly voices?That speaks volumes for the fun.Rob: Ok, fine, if you guys want, Ill try.Players each draw a replacement card for the one they played (except the judge and the next round is played.Sometimes I get a game for free and I will write about it only if I like.Todays passengers spend their time on the road with their faces mesmerized by their smartphones, watching movies and playing games.If you do need a refresher, the instructions chinatown shuttle bus to horseshoe casino are conveniently printed on the side of the box (which is particularly useful when travelling in the car).