Bonnie perceived many fish-like elementals and wispy female water spirits.
Location: West end of lake.Activated March 20, 2009 POL #95 Bethlehem, Israel.Activated long service leave payout rules February 27, 2006.This week I 30 million lotto wa hit the thrift store on half price day and found tons of great items! .Russell stood on the bridge as lotto panda pusha people streamed by and quietly toned the POL into existence as dolphins cavorted in the ethers.2) When why did you start sewing?Report from Jim on-site: We had our ritual, and the energy there was palpable and audible.POL#139 Pat's Yard, Mount Wolf, Pennsylvania.But Ive already learned new things to help make my next pair even better! .They cleared some very dark energies in the process of activating the vortex and the Elementals asked to have a POL activated there as well.
Ankor Wat in northwestern Cambodia is designed to represent Mt Meru.
Nominated by EEH member Rachel.Completion of the Initial POL Grid on the Equinox, September 22, 2012.Below are the measurements I used.Location: Large fossiliferous rock sticking out of the tundra overlooking Saskatchewan Glacier to the west.For more information see: Brihadisvara_Temple and Airavatesvara_Temple POL #110 Red Pyramid, Dashur, Egypt.POL #63 Table Mountain, Capetown, South Africa.Spring Equinox Full Moon, April 9, 2009.After the embellishments were added I was ready to sew the vest together.