Use a docking station, unbelievably, almost 40 of laptop theft occur in the office.
Protect your capital investment and your company's secrets by following these guidelines to better laptop security.
For some devices, the holes for the lock are machined only in plastic, so that breaking out is very simple.
Sweet Jesus, this can't be happening!Preventing Laptop Theft No place is safe Never assume your laptop will be safe just sitting around.It is officially known as the Universal Notebook Security Cable. .Meet the Author over on, google or, twitter to join the conversation right now!If casino architecture design you want to test how much information your personal firewall "leaks out" to the web, try the online leak test at m, consider other devices based on your needs.Use your laptops Universal Security Slot (USS) to attach a cable lock and secure it to a stationary, unbreakable object.Another 2 person scam involves one person dropping a semi-valuable item in front of you in the hopes that you'll chase them to return the item.Other solutions include Imation's SuperDisk, and Castlewood's Orb Drive.FAT and FAT32 File systems don't support file level security and give hackers a big wide open door to your system.Buying Request Hub, suppliers, electrical Equipment Supplies, connectors Terminals.
Keep doors and windows to your dorm or apartment locked at all times.
Despite a 25,000 reward it was never returned.
The company who first developed the idea is Kensington.Page Content 2, page Content, theft is the most common crime on college campuses.In addition to the quality of the cable, consider the quality of the lock.Main Products: cctv Camera, cctv DVR, total Revenue: US5 Million - US10 Million, top 3 Markets: North America.03, Western Europe.9, Oceania.23.2.If you create a dummy Administrative account, enabled auditing so you'll know when it is being tampered with.While I was working for a large international oil company, craps in florida casinos 5 executives went on a business trip to Australia and rented an SUV.Anywhere where you might set your laptop bag down for a minute to attend to other things, thieves may lay in wait.

If you keep your laptop in your hotel room anchor it securely to a metal post or fixed object.
Protecting your Sensitive Data Use the ntfs file system Assuming your using Windows NT/2000/XP on your laptop, use the ntfs file system to protect your data from laptop thieves who may try to access your data.
Your docking station should have a NIC card built into it at your desk, and if you are traveling you won't be connected to the network anyway.