The 500 Jeep Bonus must be put towards the purchase or lease of a Jeep Wrangler, Wrangler Unlimited, Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, Patriot, Jeep Truck or Renegade (no older than three years).
This is the bare minimum requirement to earn commissions, with retail slot machine jackpot winners on youtube subscription sales appearing to be entirely optional.Whether TranontLife is still offered or not is unclear.What this makes Tranont is thus a pay to play recruitment scheme.Tranont are based out of Utah in the US and operate in the service subscription MLM niche.Defend identity theft and cyber crime prevention (provided by Invisus).The Volume Bonus at each rank would more than cover an additional service purchase by an affiliate to generate extra PV required to rank.There is no mention of TranontLife on the Tranont website.Retail Commissions Tranont claim to make between 10-35 commission when retail customers pay for third-party merchant services.So why am I bringing it up?
This will get them as far as Senior Financial Consultant, after which PV requirements climb to 180 at President (before mysteriously dropping to zero at CEO).The website asks you to pick one of three affiliate plan options and informs you of the ongoing 125 monthly subscription fee.Senior Financial Consultants receive 1 share in the 4 pool 1 Star Senior Financial Consultants receive 2 shares in the 4 pool 2 Star Senior Financial Consultants receive 3 shares in the 4 pool 3 Star Senior Financial Consultants receive 4 shares in the.The stated mission of the company is to: Change the worlds economy one household at a time.Individual service subscriptions are also available for purchase by retail customers, with individual pricing provided on the.I get that bankruptcy is embarrassing but I think bouncing back from it and creating a company to help others do the same, is a far more compelling back story than I educated some people as part of my day job and decided to launch.Preferred Contract (?) The Tranont compensation plan mentions a preferred contract, yet fails to provide any definition for what a preferred contract.