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Ron Gray is not here with the molers, he is in hospital with a bout of pneumonia.
Tom Caulfield leans across and picks it up to read the inscription, drops it and breaks it!Dave Millard is berated by his playing partners for foul and abusive language on the 9th."Why the f*ks that there?" his partners thought he tters were resolved amicably when he revealed he actually said "why's the fox sat there".Monday 18th anwhile, I'm waiting for the Amateur Scores so I can work out the result of the ProAm, but Colin Barden is in with a shout.It has been an honour to have known her and she will be slot car game manufacturers greatly missed and never forgotten.Well its been quiet on the seniors front for a few weeks, but things have returned to normal rstly we had more Rules queries in a single competition that we have had for a while, firstly concerning the status of a ball on a bridge.I started to laugh.Normally, someone with a middle range score happens to score well on the treat holes and scores particularly badly on the tricks.
The tee shot flew down the left hand side, landing on the right side of the e ball defied the laws of physics and bounced sharply against the slope and was likely to be OOB.
A good time was had by ere was the usual array of comedy moments as you would expect from a room full of rek Collins, has been shuffling about with his zimmer frame and broken foot, it seems all year, and if anything is getting.I hear from Steve Howarth, who will once again lead the top 5 players from last years Golfer of the Year listings, in our entry into the Mail On Sunday Team st year, you may recall, the team were drawn away, for their first match.In this way, you will reduce my waste bin cost to the existing price but will get additional monies when the bottle bin is emptied (6 per lift) and your recycling processes will have clean glass to process.Hopefully, if you do come back as something else after you pop your clogs, JL will come back as a goldfish as he is clearly already highly qualified.So the surfaces that we prepare and play off, especially the greens, are absolutely crucial to all golfers, but massively important to the category 1 golfer.He had left a mobile number for Ian to ring.Pete Graydon, even before the start, is bemoaning the fact that the Sunday players have an advantage as the forecast for Sunday is fine and Saturday is wet and windy.

Monday 20th e Monday following the Annual Dinner Dance.
They arrive at the 10th, where Pete Nicholls tees off and puts his ball on the green above and to the left of the flag.