A promotional photo from the mock-docmentary film Death of a goldfish slot machine bonus forum President, showing Bush being killed.
Said that outing a CIA agent is treason that should be punishable by death; liberals claim that Bush.
I was assigned to Fort Bragg, NC (Home of the Airborne!) and settled into the exciting world of comsec.
Dick Morris, Anchorage, Alaska E-mail : rmorris(at)t Papin, Peter SSG, USA 1987-Present (29S/35E Crypto Repair) I graduated from high school in May, 1987 and joined the Army five days later (originally as a medic).Helped update pages, errata changes, and even re-write maintenance manuals and training manuals when I was between classes.Once in the classroom, one of the wafs dumped her purse on the table and a camera fell out.Among my assignments was a three year stay at the Crypto School at Lackland where I taught the five week basic electronic fundamentals class fundies the KW-26, and writing course materials.The military policeman said The Transport Officer will see you promptly.00 hours.It got a little better in AIT and also at Fort Jackson, where I took the Common Basic Electronics Training (cobet).Still recall the 61 tubes - oh do I remember them well! .Didn't see much of anything about the KY-9.
Much later we found people who had been questioned by ministry men about our interests and political views.
The TT-636 used early digital integrated circuits as I/O interfaces; so they taught us "Crypto" types learn how to maintain the whole unit including the fussy mechanical keyboard, printer, and tape reperferators.
We went home early and watched every game of March Madness from the dorm day room.The Army at Camp Butler Long Lines BN fixed it for.Courses were in three shifts, taught in modern (at the time windowless, three-storybrick building, surrounded by armed SP guards and concertina ringed fences.Remember the big monster solder tip for removing the bi-mags. .Heres a transcript of the interview: Mark Steyn : Weve had people now, since about three month before the Iraq invasion, weve had people marching every week through American cities, with signs saying Kill Bush explicit threats to kill Bush.A bad amplifier in the output stage of one of the receivers was not transmitting properly.