super double bonus video poker

Straight (ST flush (FL )5, full house (FH) 8, four-of-a-kind-5-10s, four-of-a-kind-2 3 or 4s, four-of-a-kind- KQJs.
Straight Stand pat unless youre 1 card off from making a straight flush, then discard the odd card.
The expected return for Super Double Bonus Poker ranges from.87.69.After youve chosen the cards youre going to who played ginger in casino keep (if any you press the deal button again.Eventually, everyone will get.Super Double Double Bonus Poker is similar but pays extra for the kickers in play.It can also help with risky decisions you have to make while playing.Table of Contents, super Double Bonus is a Video Poker game which is a modified version of Jacks or Better.In this case the King had a match and the Jack didnt, so holding the Jack was the only play to make, when you consider the chances of pulling a flush on the draw.
You can keep or discard any combination of these cards.
Example If youre playing blackjack, and the house edge is 1, the casino expects you to lose an average of 1 for every 100 you bet.
In that case, it pays 800.Sure, expert-play theory says casino venezia malta to grind away forever at the game, and if you do that and make no mistakes along the way you will fare better than I would playing a shortened pay table at the same skill level.December 18, 2006 6:24 AM by share, is winning as simple as it sounds can a player sit at a machine for the better part of his or her life and bang out a positive percentage over infinity?The most common variant of the game will pay.68.If you like 125 or 250 credits for quad Jacks, be my guest.4 to a Straight Flush Discard the odd card and draw a new card to try and make the straight flush.I was in a high limit area on what some "experts" would call a "bad sdbp machine" because it only paid 35 credits for the full house.So go ahead, play Jacks or Better or any advanced Bonus game that has a higher theoretical pay out than any of the sdbp games I play.Use of any other strategy will increase the House Edge.To find the house edge/paytable for 2-4 coins just multiple the 1 coin figure by the number of coins.