suclusion from pokies victoria

State governments tend to seek any revenue source they can when the money from Canberra dries.
Since then, reductions in the maximum bet, removal of ATMs from gambling venues, smoking and trading-hour restrictions and other measures have kept poker machine expenditure flatter than it might otherwise have been.
Gambling liberalisation was rapidly implemented after Cains ouster.The Greens policy is complicated by the fact that the state government legislated to extend poker machines licences pick 3 and 4 ny lottery last year.Gambling is a major social problem.We are freezing pokies numbers across the state, limiting daily cash withdrawals in venues and capping the number of pokies in areas most vulnerable to gambling harm, she said.Kirner was a great leader and a tireless political campaigner.Kirner seems to have been persuaded by an eager pro-gambling lobby that the financial benefits would save the state and her government.
The Greens, who are hoping to hold the balance of power in parliament after the election on November 24, said they would scrap the governments 20-year licence extension, slated to come into effect in 2022, and replace it with a final six-year licence.
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Their effects are therefore felt most strongly by those who can least afford.Nonetheless, there are at least 30,000 people in Victoria with a serious gambling problem about 80 of whom suffer difficulties because of poker machines.That said, he led a government that had kept unemployment lower than other states for seven years, legalised sex work and reformed liquor licensing laws to provide the basis for Melbournes now emblematic laneway bar and dining culture.He was seen by some as a wowser scorpion card game online free because of his alcohol-free habits and opposition to poker machines.Victoria within a decade under a Greens policy that would tear up a new 20-year licensing deal legislated by the state Labor government last year.Her government passed legislation in 1991 to enable a duopoly to establish poker machine venues in local hotels and clubs.It is interesting that she found herself premier at a moment in Victorian political history when she was convinced by the gambling industry and its political mates that gambling revenue was the answer to a fiscal prayer.The Greens plan would cost.8bn over four years and about 6bn over a decade, according to a parliamentary budget office (PBO) costing.

The policy which would also see the immediate introduction of maximum 1 bets and other harm minimisation measures would starve the government of a major revenue source, with pokies losses adding.1bn to state coffers last financial year.
This started with a 1999 bipartisan pre-election commitment to limit poker machine numbers to 30,000.
Gambling is something that the Greens dont like, he told Guardian Australia.