MGM sued in federal court to overturn the state's 2015 gaming act, alleging that it violated the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment.
In February, mmct selected East Windsor as the potential site of the casino, which is targeted at competing with the MGM Springfield casino project and which tribal leaders have described as necessary to protect jobs and revenues from the Springfield facility.
Putting a casino there could make it much worse.Right now, theres a lot of political rhetoric going on, but theres a long way to go here.But its an issue thats likely to come up again in the next legislative session, as proposed operator MGM Resorts indicated it was hardly ready to throw in the towel.A federal judge dismissed tricks to play blackjack home the suit in June of 2016, and last month a federal appeals court rejected MGM's bid to revive its case.Connecticut Business Industry Association Economist Pete Gioia also expressed doubts about the traffic issue.He noted that the Steelpointe Harbor casino, as first announced on Sept.Mmct spokesman Andrew Doba also cited the potential lost revenue to the state if the Bridgeport project went forward.The first phase of development includes Bass Pro Shops - their only location tops bonus card gas points in Connecticut, Chipotle and Starbucks are open!
The tribes operate the casinos under exclusive revenue-sharing agreements that require them to pay 25 percent of their slot machine revenues to the state.MGM Senior Vice President Uri Clinton described the Bridgeport casino plan as the only "shovel-ready" project on the table, and said the facility would primarily target the New York gaming market.And they said, No, 1,500.The company unsuccessfully called on the Connecticut legislature to pass an alternative bill that would open up the process to other developers.Additional information about the Steelpointe project, it's history and the developers can be found here.The bill called for authorizing a study to bring a new casino to the state, with Bridgeport being the most likely site.The project offers the opportunity for retailers and restaurants to serve all of lower Fairfield County with a single highly visible, easy to access location.Those revenue sharing payments would at best be offset by approximately 180.2 million in gaming tax payments by the fourth casino assuming that the commercial casino is taxed at 25 percent of gross gaming revenues which is equal or higher than the tax rates being."I believe this project could turn the economic tide in the state.While generally impressed by what they were told, McGee said too many questions remained.