It's also a bit unbalanced, with the neck and head a little too heavy for the body weight.
It takes a bit of time to develop the proper technique of firm, but insistent, pressure to keep them in place, and then lifting up off the strings a bit to to slide.
The rosewood fingerboard displays large split block inlays.The finish is good, the neck smooth, the intonation good.Resonator, top, thin Brass, body, thin Brass, neck.Please note: We are unable to ship this item internationally at this time due to Rosewood Regulations.And worse, I was told none will be available in Canada until at least August!Upton designed ukes with traditional shapes and woods, but he also experimented, offering models with non-traditional shapes and a wide variety of tonewoods.It arrived the Friday morning before the May 24th long weekend in Canada, so I had some time to play with.The output jack doubles as a strap peg.The U-bass is the result of a joint effort by Kala's Mike Upton and Road Toad Music's Owen Holt.The size was right (a 20" scale, same as a baritone uke) and it whispered "ukulele" in my ear.It's rough reddit changelly payout and not even close in colour and grain to the rest (see photo).
Possibly a mahogany or acacia model, and very possibly a solid-body but I'd only ever own one at a time.I will likely get another Kala in the future, but I am not sure about which model to choose.First impressions: it's lovely, with a sweet sound gamesys bingo network that has a wonderful ringing sustain.U-Bass I just took delivery of a spruce-topped Kala U-bass a baritone (20 scale acoustic bass.It uses a small, easily replaced battery for power.I don't mind laminates on the back and side, but I really prefer solid wood soundboards.