slot systems limited

He proposed to supply Nnamdi some printers from his company, which he could sell.
With nysc done with, Nnamdi, like a lot of Nigerian Graduates had his eyes set on getting a job with an oil firm.
When working on their computer systems, he would always ask them to slot the cards in the computer. .
In fact, Nnamdi spent only N400 to repair the particular computer the other technician wanted to bill N60,000 for.However, before the six months were up, Nnamdi had what he calls value misalignment with his friend and was asked to leave because he wouldnt compromise his values.At other times, Nnamdi had to take their computers home to fix them.On the other hand, whenever Nnamdi had the opportunity to carry out repairs for customers, he charged them much less.His joblessness motivated him to learn a trade and as a Computer Engineer, he decided to acquire practical knowledge and technical know-how in his field of passion.Having graduated as a Computer Engineer, Nnamdi proceeded to serve his fatherland as a corps member at Guinness Nigeria Plc.Nobody cared about creating value.Idowu then gave Nnamdi a proposition on how to raise funds to secure his first office space.Best Phone Dealer Of The Year 2011, 2012, 2013 2014.
There were instances when a customer was charged as much as N30,000 for a repair that cost no more than N300.
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Idowu came looking for him and found him at the bookshop.For all inquiries please call or send a mail.Today, Slot Systems Limited boasts of about 43 offices nationwide and has a vision of conquering Africa.After about a month of working from the store, Nnamdi decided to put up with a friend of his, who had a bookshop in computer village.Nnamdi Ezeigbo is the founder Slot Systems Limited, the home of mobile phones and devices that is popularly known as slot by all and sundry. .And that was how they started calling him Slot.Though the mobile phones were of high quality, slot still offered slot machine charm wins this week a warranty behind them. .Nnamdi entered the GSM market at a time when it was dominated by the telecoms companies who were selling cell phones and accessories at very high costs.