21 pages 20 D180 downham Precision Jig Borer and Drilling Milling Machine Sales Technical Specification Catalogue.
25 C224N Cincinnati hydromatic 3-36 Plain Duplex Milling Machine Catalogue.25 D21 dean, smith grace: TC1, TC2, TC3 and TC4 CNC Chucker lathes.25 H100C hauser Manufacturing Programme 1982 Catalogue.25 C222C Cincinnati toolmaster Precision Milling Machine Model MT - the last version manufactured.25 D290G dufour (Gaston Dufour) CS2531 Milling Machine, programme type.37 C20A cazeneuve HB Toolroom Production Lathes.The clearest reproduction was "D".10 E246A emco "maximat" V8 (lathe miller combination marketed by Edelstal) average poker player earnings Sales Technical Specification Catalogue with detailed technical specifications and illustrations of accessories.Sales Specification catalogue.12 pages.2, Interact 4 Series.2 Automatic Pinion Wheel Cutting Machine.
8 H354 hercus 9-inch Lathe Catalogue.
12 M964C myford super 7 Power Cross Feed Model - first edition Catalogue.
20 R255B rosenfors Milling Machines RFE, RFV-M, RFU, para-Mill 2 para-Mill3.A200F aciera F3 Precision Universal Miller: Early Technical Sales, Specification and Accessories Catalogue for machine with rounded styling, circa 1958 16 pages.37 H16NA hardinge 5C Spindle Tooling Catalog.37 S70 schaudt Grinders.45 B220/L800 LUX.37 L20C landis Plunge-feed Cylindrical Grinders 2R,.37 A840D atlas Lathes full-range Catalogue.

Detailed and well-illustrated Sales technical Specification catalogue.