I replaced the axle who owns aliante casino with brass tubing to remove ferric material and used the FLY front wheels.
To see if your front tires are slowing you down, just remove them and run some timed laps.
Any interference can be corrected either by shims or by grinding away part of the body underside that is causing the problem.If you are keeping the original front wheels which most of us tend to do then basically there are three areas.The number of paylines varies from machine to machine with many offering 9, 15, 25, 50, and even more paylines.There are also several Slots forums that can give you access to many of the experts in the hobby.Next remove the plastic between the copper electrical "runs" from 1 mm in front of the motor mount to just behind the front axle.Next, remove all the excess plastic from the windows assembly.One other simple way to remove slop that doesnt require any cutting is to try the following: First, remove the guide shoe and coat the guide axle with a liberal amount of oil or WD-40.
All this at the cost of a couple dollars and a little time (about 30 minutes with practice).
This will likely take some surgery to your chassis to get a proper fit but in most inline drives it can be successfully accomplished.
This shouldnt be necessary if you solder quickly and properly.The next example for those into speed is one of my SCX Ferrari 333SPs.Combing can be done using a soft wire brush and gently separating the braid at the track hollywood casino rv park joliet illinois contact end.Warped chassis and bodies can usually be fixed by running hot water over the warped component and gently bending into shape.You can usually correct us open winnings money this problem by taking a very sharp x-acto knife and shaving off the burr.The right amount of spacers/washers had to be placed between the 2 bearing sets so that there was no slop and that the bracket was centered between the outer bearings.Finally put the chassis and body back together and check for any interference between the gears, motor or wheels/tires and the body.By using the capacitor mod in the Electrical Mods Section of this article you can reduce the effect of improper guide braid to rail contact.Check to make sure the armature doesnt touch magnets.