I do believe that patty smith was there, but I only remember for sure that the guitar work was awesome.
I had mis-loaded the film in the camera and I got nothing but memories!
First thing out of the ordinary I noticed was an ice cream truck tumbling down the grandstands.They flatten and fan out through the smoke, creating a swirling vision right before my eyes.Incredibly the crowd did not seem phased at all and I figured that all hell would brake loose.The kids then burned everything in site: four big genie's, about ten big Winnebagos (used as dressing rooms) the stage, grandstands and every building on the site.It's quite likely that ticket sales weren't great for so many bands at such an expensive venue to use as the Coliseum and it was moved to the Gardens.And as if that wasn't misleading enough, why did the venue let people turn up on the day - and even pack the hall - before telling them what seems to be a downright lie: that BOC wouldn't be playing due to "equipment problems" and.The former was luck, my friend thumbing through albums at Belk's Department Store and liking the cover.Didn't see much on TV that night, but once we got home the next day, it was all over the media.Friday the show started late.The headliners, Kiss, didn't hit the stage until midnight!Seger belongs with fleetwood mac or some other mellow back concert.
Our vision returned to see BOC all in position at the mikes just as the vocals began.
That's when they said you are Canadians and we cant help you!Highlights for me were Last Days of May and Born To Be Wild with 5 guitars.Mom told me all about how, in its heyday, Al Capone used to go there and so did all these other elements of society, the criminal and the sensual.The next act was Rush.After The Boys/Baby's went off the stage, it was only seconds it seems before there was an explosion followed by red lights and smoke, Geddy Lee appeared with an organ/keyboard rising out of the center of the stage, playing the simple doodoodo do.It cost 200, which was a lot back in 1977, enough to buy a decent stereo system.Geddy Lee was really shrieking like a banshee at that point, and I had a little trouble getting past that.Memory is a little hazy about all the details, but a couple of things play 21 blackjack zynga I remember were Hot Rails (Joe had a black fender P-bass and a black leather jumpsuit) (also think they did "morning final Me262, Dominance, Buck's Boogie, COF, dftr, btbw) "Last Days".Not exactly an in-depth, detailed review, but at least it did confirm the two dates.

Apart from the wrong date, there are two other mistakes on the ticket - for a start it has Rush down as third on the bill, plus it designates Mott as "Mott the Hoople"!
We only knew about 2112 and Agents of Fortune.
Really, we all knew that we'd been ripped off and there was no way the show was continuing, but it made people feel good to vent.