All Maps T lotto numbers colorado lottery CT Not slot machine devices for cheating One Step Back!
Hot Potato by les numero les plus sorti au keno /u/Emsalek, you can't have the bomb in your inventory for more than 5 seconds; you must throw it to someone else before time's.All Maps T CT Give Peace a Second Chance by /u/carldude After winning the pistol round, do not buy any primaries.Office T Finding Nemo by /u/Hexed One person buys a gun (Suggested Nova Koi everyone else buys pistols and decoys and waits at spawn.Inferno T CT Chicken Noodle Soup by /u/Zoroark78 Players play the round as normal, except when they find an enemy and eliminate them they must actively seek and destroy a chicken.Mirage CT There and Back Again by /u/lizardman301 Rush down mid into underpass, back to T spawn.I can't hear you!All Maps T CT Am I Being Detained?All Maps CT Hollywood Special by /u/Flexi-boot Play some tense music on Youtube loud enough that you can't hear anything else.Kill Confirmed - Every kill must be marked by the entire team in all-chat.
All rush mid and hope for the best.
You sure you want that knife?
By /u/BasedStrelok One member volunteers to motivate the rest of the team in his best Gunny impersonation.If the punching Bag Dies, you must choose a new one.Snipers can only look where spotter says and shoot only when spotter calls to shoot.All Maps T CT Postplant Positions by /u/fxu1989 Once the bomb is planted, nobody can move.All Maps T CT Surprise Mother Fucker by /u/itapandagamer You can only get a kill from behind.Season CT Prisoner's Dilemma by /u/loves_being_that_guy Have everyone change their name to f0rest and camp in jail.All members of the team must use a CS:GO weapons crate simulator before the round and use the weapon they unbox.

All Maps CT Veritas Aequitas by /u/BasedStrelok 4 members split into 2 pairs, buys Duelies and Kevlar, and takes a different site.
All Maps CT Juan Deag(le) by /u/Sheik-Yerbouti Deagles only!
Stormtroopers - Hipfire only - No shotguns.