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They simply wanted to spend a summer in an appropriately warm hemisphere.It was the most explosive Ive heard an audience in a theater, man.That smuggling of marijuana, how do we smuggle pot across the border, he says.To help General Mills introduce its Fiber One 90-calorie brownies, Cheech and Chong donned their stoner personas for a marketing campaign video titled Cheech and Chongs Magic Brownie Adventure.Tickets are 30-50 and go on steelpointe harbor casino sale at.m.(performer: "Sing "Shake Your Groove Thing" - uncredited) 2000.Add or edit the setlist and help improving our statistics!Cheech Chong live, the comedy duo have two upcoming live dates in Southern California.I gotta thank Australia, Chong says of the land down under where summer is the colder season of the year.
Reviews were mixed Pauline Kael at the New Yorker and David Ansen at Newsweek were among the most favorable big-name critics but audiences loved it, buying more than 41 million of tickets at the box office in 1978 which placed it just outside the Top.Tommy Chong standup, cheech Marin as Red Hickey standup.So we used that for the pot made out of car, car made out of pot.Blu-ray and DVD releases which include the new short documentary, How Pedro Met the Man: Up in Smoke at 40, as well as other previously released commentaries and bonus features will be released on Tuesday, April.But to hear Tommy Chong tell it, when he and Cheech Marin come on the line to talk about the special 40th anniversary editions of Up In Smoke, the idea was much more in character with the laid-back personas he and Marin had established.(Photo by Allen Amato).(Dark version driving scene from "Up In Smoke".I just thought, I dont wanna go back to Australia! .And because he had a recording company we thought, Well, well do a recording.And so when we told Lou we wanted to do a movie he went his Lou Adler way and got the deal with Paramount.

Therein lies your plot.
Its an understatement as big as one of the joints Cheech and Chong lit up in Up In Smoke to say that the duos comedy, records and movies played a part in bringing marijuana use and humor to the mainstream, and today, California and eight.
Its nice to see what weve been talking about all these years coming true, Marin says.