11 :120 head Chiefly American: The half of the table from which the break shot is taken.
At least one split is usually necessary in each frame, since the original triangle of reds does daily quiz app win money not allow any balls to be potted reliably.
But these usages are not particular to cue sports.
9-ball See the Nine-ball main article for the game.It is commonly referred to in the fuller term "nap of the cloth." When nap is used in relation to woven cloths that have no directional pile, such as those typically used in the.S." USA Pool League Match Play Rules Archived at the Wayback Machine.".Last pocket is also common in North Africa.69 road player A highly skilled hustler making money gambling while traveling.Scratch Pocketing of the cue ball, in pocket billiards games.To pocket a shot ball by ricocheting it off a stationary one it is often called a kiss shot.Citation needed Others may actually be more used to dead balls and prefer them.Umbrella shot A three cushion billiards shot in which the cue ball first strikes two cushions before hitting the first object ball then hits a third cushion before hitting the second object ball.Tip Same as cue tip.
A person who loses money gambling and keeps coming back for more;. .With follow, as in "I shot that high left meaning "I shot that with follow and with left english ".Triple century Also treble century, triple-century break, treble-century break.Also called heads.Pink spot The marked spot on a snooker table at which the pink ball is placed.On snooker and English billiards tables, to trim mystery date game cards back (usually by filing and sanding, not actually cutting) the underside of the protruding knuckle of the cushion,.k.a.If the player's intention was to cause two object balls to kiss (e.g.In snooker, to return a colour ball to its designated spot on the table.Contrast race (a predetermined number of wins).5 frame A term especially used in snooker and blackball 7 but also in the US for each rack from the break off until win video slot machines xenia a clearance, losing foul or concession has been made.

Such tables are "tougher" than unshimmed or single-shimmed tables.
In-context commentary on rack 10 by pool pro Ewa Mataya Laurance : "The field has gotten so much stronger; there are no easy matches anymoreyou knowyour first match you have to play jam." Everton, Clive (1986).