In each Reading Club catalog (Firefly through TAB there is a 1 book each month.
A savvy Couponer used a discount code Dec 2016 ago.
I do this so the books we open together are everyones books, rather than the focus being on the friends who were able to casino bus wilmington de to atlantic city order.On the door to the cabinet, I have a list of Guided Reading Levels and the books that I have that fit that guided-reading level.This reading time is fairly unregulated.I also pick up some 5 book packs with the coupons (meaning you snag several books for 5)!Page 5 Scotch Washi Tape (arts and crafts for incentives and indoor recess).(Also, for the first time ever, Im planning on ordering from the Teacher Catalog.Again, I am not trying to push books, but I want to make sure to get ALL the orders are in before I order.My first order hit 300, so I did earn the 10,000 bonus points.It always makes my heart SO sad when I place an order and 12 hours later another order comes.
Below you will see a month where I used lots of our bonus points.Page 19 Brainteaser Kit (arts and crafts for incentives and indoor recess).And what teacher doesnt love getting packages in the mail?I have this habit of putting things down and forgetting where I put them, especially papers.Late August not only signals the return of back-to-school, but also shopping time for my classroom.Christmas gifts and then use the remaining coupons for students who normally doesnt place a book order, giving them a chance to pick a book for our class.Here is where you will find all those Scholastic Catalogs (I only keep the ones I know I will be sending home as well as, my Scholastic organization folder.Now check your email to confirm your address snag your freebies.In these spots, I post the daily homework board, daily teaching points, and the essential questions for the current unit of study for reading and writing workshop.

So for paper orders that you have received, you can type in a students name and the book they ordered (see below).
Having these bright, bold binder clips makes my life so much easier.