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The finish is irreproachable and the hardware has been carefully selected to conceive a nice looking guitar that stays in tune and produces a warm mahogany tone with a long sustain.
Some players may find the extra tension on the higher strings, and some stretches (like from the fifth to 10th frets difficult and uncomfortable when performing solos.For further details defining B-Stock/ Factory 2nd please read within the ad under factory description.Features, from its sleek, contoured asymmetrical double-cutaway body shape to its stealthy flat-black finish and imposing-looking Hells Gate Skull 12th-fret inlay, the Blackjack SLS C-8 utg swivel stud picatinny slot adaptor immediately exclaims that its designed for metal.Cheat Sheet, list Price 1,299, manufacturer, schecter Guitar Research,.Fortunately, the neck has 24 extra-jumbo frets, so most lead players and soloists can adjust by playing an octave higher.Let's warm up the fingers and get on with.We were curious to discover its interpretation of the eight-string guitar concept invented by another famous Asian manufacturer in 2007.00:0000:11 01 accordage00:11 02 Clean (accords et arpeges)00:39 03 disto chunka chunka en Fa diese01:00 04 solo metal00:15, finally, what is behind this BlackJack ATX C-8?
The manufacturing quality of the guitar is impeccable.
Performance, the Blackjack SLS C-8s wide fretboard seems intimidating at first glance, but the flat, slim neck profile allows six-string players to adjust quickly and navigate the fretboard with comfort and ease.Schecter requires us to list all B-Stock/ Factory 2nd's as used.Schecter Blackjack SLS C-8 A Active Satin Black SBK.The Bottom Line, more eight-string baritone than guitar, the Schecter Blackjack SLS C-8 has a 28-inch scale and produces mammoth tones that remain punchy and clear even at the bottommost depths of down-tuned doom).The tones produced by the Blackjack SLS C-8 are absolutely massive, so youll want to pair it with a high-performance rig to get the most out of its expanded range.The benefits of a 28-inch scale become evident when playing with high-gain distortion, as even the lowest chords sound bright, lively and detailed.Finally, arsehole card game I find it's a pleasant and attractive guitar with a good value for money ratio.So first some visuals.The three-piece maple neck is smoothly contoured to the mahogany body and finished in flat black as well, resulting in a seamless neck/body transition long and short vowel bingo similar to a neck-through-body design.With 24 extra-jumbo frets, a wide/flat neck profile and a smooth neck/body joint, the Blackjack SLS C-8 is surprisingly comfortable to play.