And for the second time in less than a hotels around hollywood casino year, Robbie Stephens' parent announced that it was taking part in a blockbuster merger: BankBoston announced that it would be acquired by Fleet Financial for 15 billion.
Despite these departures, the boutique bank retained most of its senior bankers under generous purchase agreement terms, which included a 400 million employee-retention pool.
Did I say there were a lot of mergers?Employment Contact, bA or MBA Recruiting Department, products and Services.It's more competitive, but I would say there's less ass-kissing or brown-nosing because of that.".Insiders report that the corporate culture at Robertson Stephens is "less demanding and more fun" than that of East Coast investment banking firms.After toying with the notion of an IPO, Robertson Stephens decided to seek an acquirer.The firm led or co-managed eight of the top 25 IPO performers in 1998 and 10 of the top 25 in 1997.Merger mania, it's a good thing Robertson Stephens bankers are down-to-earth - they've had to be grounded as their employer has changed ownership and names twice recently.
The new combination hardly had time to settle when in April 1998, Bank of America agreed to merge with NationsBank, which already had an investment banking branch - Robertson Stephens rival Montgomery Securities.
"I think there's been games casino free slots 200 much more of an effort to integrate than we did in BankAmerica, I think there's a lot more synergies."Having done a lot of activities like sports and other clubs is sought after by Robbie, and being well-spoken in the interview is a must says a recent hire.As for new parent BankBoston, "I should say in general, it's very positive reports one insider, who notes that culturally, the firm has not been effected greatly.Basically we were as much as possible going to stay as a group and stay together.After culling the pool, the firm invites the remaining candidates to a "Super Friday or Saturday" at the local Robertson Stephens office, where prospective employees are subjected to a daylong battery of interviews and other events.Shortly after the BankBoston deal was announced, founder and former chairman Sandy Robertson and I-banking head Misha Petkevich announced that they would leave.The firm also has been expanding outside the.S.The Scoop, a leading team player, robertson Stephens is one of America's leading underwriters of growth companies in the technology, Internet and e-commerce, health care, retailing, consumer products, and real estate sectors.Recent transactions include advising Excite on its merger with @Home, E-Trade on its purchase of Telebanc, and WebMD in its transactions with Microsoft and Healtheon.The firm rebounded in 1999, earning record quarterly pre-tax income of 30 million for the first quarter.

"I definitely had to make a lot more of an effort-you didn't see as many people at school as other firms, with all the Goldman and Merrill people walking around." Says one insider in equity research, "Most hires in equity research are through referrals.".