reversi card game

Once you get a corner, it will never change color.
So the approaches I've learned can get you from beginner to intermediate.After getting your first corner, turn pieces to your color that are as close as possible to that corner.At the same time, you want to minimize the chances of your opponent gaining the first corner.Your device is not supported.I am not speaking as a highly expert player, but rather someone who always wins against people with little or no experience, and against overly simplistic computerized versions.None of the pieces can be re-flipped, and eventually your opponent will have so few (or zero) moves that you can control the rest of the game in any way you like.First, to review the already mentioned concepts: Avoid giving up a corner, and have that drive your early game.Apparently, Go slot car copper tape players learn to think in a way that translates very well to Othello.Game description game features, play online against others, meet your friends and chat.The turn after that, your opponent gets the corner.
I'll start with simple stuff first: Corners are vital.
The worst move that you can make in Othello is to play a piece diagonally adjacent to a corner.M is your trusted partner for the best, online html5 games.A second, more subtle reason: If your opponent gets a corner on the other side of that row you control, their next move will be to get the corner you're adjacent.And it may be that for many turns thereafter it will not enable the opponent to get a corner.A simple concept I did not yet mention: The end game consists of simply counting the number of pieces you get vs the number of pieces your opponents get.Perhaps an experienced Go player can leave a comment explaining why a Go player learning Othello will grasp the game far faster than players without that background.Come on in and join the frenzy!