Pass around photos of the march to spark discussion.
Some heatwave days the maximum temperature barely falls over the line, whatever the arbitrary temperature cutoff is this week, and maybe for only 20 minutes, but it counts in media inches, even if it doesnt count any meaningful scientific way.
Find out more about the red panda » Related topic: Endangered species » Related species: Find out about a lesser known species that is also cute and under threat: Dians tarsier » Red panda conservation organisations: Page 6/10.7 Cheetah The cheetah, known for being.Sensory Stimulation: Chair Dancing Help your residents follow along with a simple all slot machines that pay the best chair dancing routine in honor of this birthday of choreographer Michael Kidd.Use a sponge brush to paint one side of the leaves before pressing the leaves onto paper to make the prints.For the project, first have residents use markers to create designs on paper towels.Exercise: Sweep Potato Invite residents to play a fun game of Sweep Potato using brooms and a potato on this National Potato Day.Perth Regional shows only one for 1962.Maximums for January above 40 C are the other way around with two in 1962 and only one in 2016. .(If you have more than one broom and one potato, then you can have multiple residents attempt at the same time.) Award points for each resident who is able to hit their potato so that it rolls over the line (instead of rolling to the.
National Time Management Month, national Wedding Month, plant the Seeds of Greatness Month.Then ask residents to share how they overcame their laziness.Which kind of heatwave is worse, one with four consecutive days with maxes above 40C, or the type with six consecutive days with an average maximum of 42C. .Sensory Stimulation: Corn Pudding Chefs Invite residents to assist you with preparing corn pudding in honor of this first day of the Sun Prairie's Sweet Corn Festival in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin.Reminiscing: Remembering The Ten Commandments On this birthday of Hollywood producer Cecil.During the activity, pass around a few photos of women working during World War II.Decorate your Activity Room with the hearts for the upcoming Valentine Cookie Bake-Off activity.