Low-key but effective lighting, and upscalish and dark decor add a touch of class to the room.
Chairs are nice, low-backed padded chairs, but do not have wheels.
No chip runners, but the floorman will act as a chip runner if they're available to.
The largish room contains its own set of blackjack tables, three-card poker tables, and slot machines, so you can play blackjack at a non-smoking high stakes poker season 1 episode 9 table right next to the poker tables while you're on the wait list.But the number of slot machines is only about 20, and there aren't that many players who come to this back non-smoking room to play, so it's not noisy at all - the room is very very pleasant in terms of poker atmosphere.Limit hold 'em : 3/6, 4/8.Posting : New players need not post.No gas stations, no restaurants, no hotels, no anything!Only valid if at least 5 players are at your table.River Rock was a standard indian casino for years and only recently (Dec 2005?) decided to start spreading poker.On no limit, they use a time charge of 6 per player per half hour (5 for 6-player games, 4 for 5 or fewer players).Neighborhood : As with most indian casinos in California, River Rock is remote.
Service was relatively prompt and cheerful.Luckily, there's other 5 bonus stuff to do in the room to pass the time (see Atmosphere below).Lucky Seat : Wed 7p-9p, one randomly chosen seat wins 100.Parking : lots of parking: a huge five-floor parking structure can probably hold over 1000 cars.They claim to spread 6/12, but according to one dealer, it never goes due to lack of interest.Atmosphere Edit Interior of poker room.

The poker area of the room has four nice plasma televisions hung on the wall for you to watch while playing, if you like.