On Tuesday Schoeman and his company Raining Men filed an urgent application to interdict and restrain Makates lawyers from representing him in the negotiations that were ordered by the Constitutional Court in April.
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The telecommunications giant is in fact yet to settle the payment as ocean shores wa casino ordered by court.As a result, the clothing franchise was forced to close its doors.Tags: Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) vodacom.The then trainee accountant said he wanted to be able to send a message that cost him nothing to be able to send a message to the recipient, who would then be alerted to call back.Following a prolonged legal battle with the mobile service provider, Makate was proven to be the original creator of the Please Call Me service by the Constitutional Court.EFF member, Sibeko, has issued the same threat to Vodacom, should they not pay Makate 15 of the total revenue it made from the Please Call Me service.Makate said he hoped for an amicable conclusion to the decade-long battle.The R10 million offer is said to be less than Makates legal fees, and the Please Call Me inventor says the network is alleging an inability to calculate revenue.Vodacom is still in talks with Makate.
We have successfully today Tuesday obtained an order that 50 of the money will be held back Schoeman said.Give what is due to him Makate, we are only here for that.He then cancelled the agreement so he could take all for himself.Makate estimates his compensation to be in the tens of billions, as he says the product was rolled out to other countries, indicating that the idea work well enough to be rolled out to other countries.I have not appointed anyone to negotiate on my behalf.The battle has been in the public eye after Makate and Vodacom took the matter to court.Do you know of a sensitive story you would like us to get our hands on?JacarandaFM first reported on the demonstration, which saw the EFFs Fanie Sibeko hand over a memorandum to Vodacoms managing executive for external relations, Themba Kinana.Vodacom said it had not calculated the revenue generated by the Please Call Me service, adding they remained committed to upholding their end of the agreement.

According to a report of Makates affidavit, Vodacom is estimated to have made about R63 billion from the call-back concept.
But its a problem when an African child is to be paid what is due to him.