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If the ticket purchaser chooses a one spot ticket, the set of numbers will consist of one unique number.
W/ Bulls-Eye Prize, odds: 1.34 1.00 Numbers Matched Base Keno!Once the balls are drawn all of the submitted Keno cards are checked and winners are determined.The commissions liability and responsibility for a ticket declared void, if any, is limited to refund of the retail sales price of the ticket.If you wish to play the Double Bulls-Eye option for the chance to win up.5 times the prize amount of the original Bulls-Eye game, mark your numbers on a green Club Keno Double Bulls-Eye playslip and select the "yes" box next to the.No valid claim may be premised on human, electronic, or other error in the communication, display or transmission of data, however recorded, displayed or transmitted.It's an easy, slow-paced game that allows bets from as little as 1 a go, plus you can win substantial amounts of cash if you're lucky.(I) Directors conduct of game rule number fifty-five.Each set of numbers shall consist of at least one unique number and not more than ten unique numbers as chosen by the ticket purchaser or the auto pick feature of the on-line gaming computer system.Now the bad - keno has the highest house what are today's lottery numbers edge of all casino games, with a whopping 25 or more!
If the Booster option is chosen by the purchaser, the words Booster YES will be printed on the players ticket.When you play Keno online, rather than in a live casino, you simply mark off the numbers you wish to bet on and click "Play" when you are ready to join the game.The Ohio lottery commission shall be free of any liability in connection with this paragraph.There is no additional cost and nothing additional to mark on the playslip.When you play Keno on the Internet numbers are drawn at random using random number generator software.20 random numbers, between 1 and 80, are drawn in each drawing.Before each drawing, a wheel is spun to determine the Multiplier number for that drawing.

There are maximum bet restrictions imposed.
No membership fee, No cost to play Flash game or download the keno software.