19 SliceX A beat-slicing sampler for processing and re-arranging recorded drumloops, included in the Producer Edition.
44.0.1 8 December 2005 FL compiled with Delphi 2005, multiple midi input devices accepted, Sytrus improvements, new GM for DrumSynth Live.
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35 Pitcher Serves as a real- time pitch correction, dragonplay slot city manipulation, and harmonization tool for creating or correcting 4 voice harmonies under midi control from a keyboard or the piano roll.Introduced in version.New plugins included Fruity Slicer, Fruity Granulizer, and Fruity Big Clock.ROMs mAME » T, share: Featured Games: Browse By Letter: a B, c D,.A) Tomahawk (Barcrest) (MPU4) Tomahawk 777 (rev 1) Tomahawk 777 (rev 5) Tomb Raider (JPM) (impact) (set 1) Tomb Raider (JPM) (impact) (set 2) Tomb Raider (JPM) (impact) (set 3) Tomb Raider (JPM) (impact) (set 4) Tomb Raider (JPM) (impact) (set 5) Tomb Raider (JPM).Boi-1da, 8 Seven Lions.