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It was released January 25, 2010.
Compared to their earlier work, it features a substantial progressive rock influence.Mathias Eick - Piano, Trumpet, French Horn, Keyboards, Bass (Upright).Believe in me (3.55 ).One-Armed Bandit is the fifth studio album by the Norwegian band.Line Horntveth - Flute, Percussion, Tuba, Glockenspiel, Vocals.One Armed Bandit unknown, a bloke with a ruined gag reflex who hangs around toilets in, norfolk offering 'extras' to other blokes using the facilities.Closer (4.37 ).Erik Johannessen - Trombone, Marxophone, andreas Mjos - Guitar, Percussion, Glockenspiel, Marimba, Vibraphone Øystein Moen - Organ, Synthesizer, Percussion, Piano, even Ormestad - Bass, Percussion, Glockenspiel, Keyboards.Different editions of that album carry different fruit symbols on the front cover.Normal bloke from the North - "You queers disgust free money casino slots south africa me" #rob #robbo #blunder #fag #homosexual #gay #queer #gary glitter by, david Wild, july 10, 2008.What's wrong (4.19 ).
Drama!" "Touch of Evil" "Endless Galaxy" (available only on LP).
Monday afternoon (4.02 ).Martin Horntveth - Percussion, Drums, Programming, Bells, Psaltery, Drum Machine, Temple - Blocks, Marxophone, Mandolin Harp.Goodbye (4.24 ).References edit, retrieved from " ".So named as 1 arm is much larger than the other due to the amount of repeated 'stroking' of other mens cocks it performs, usually for 5 or less.Gayboy 1 - "Hey Julian, please can you hold.gayboy 1 - "I won't I promise, casino slot machine secrets jackpots girl".Destination zero (4.39 ).Better off without you (4.21 ).Dreams don't come easy (6.01 ).

Chews you up, spits you out (4.28 ).
Scared of yourself (3.42 ).