It is the best possible low hand, but at the same time, being a straight, it is a strong high hand.
You use the ace in both hands.
Either, you have the best high hand and the best low hand.Of course, high hands sometimes also split grande prairie lottery the high half of the pot.This means that you get very bad odds for playing your hand.When there is a Low winner, the pot is split 50/50 between the Low and High winner.For example, if you hold AKT2 and the board is AA764, your best high hand is akaa7 (three of a kind and your best low is A2764.In the case that a pot can not be split perfectly, the odd extra amount will be awarded to the player nearest to the Small Blind position from a clockwise view.Low hand requirements, to qualify as a low hand, a hand must how many different bingo cards do i need not contain any card higher casino games free slots 4u than 8, and no pair or better.
However, straights and flushes do not disqualify a low hand.Even if you have the best possible low hand, you can never be sure of winning even half the pot.William Atkins - Poker Stategist.It is always possible that another player has the same low hand, so that you will split the low part of the pot, that is, you will get only a quarter of the pot.There are two ways to scope.For instance, if two players have an equal high hand and only one player has a qualifying low hand, the players with the best high hand will each win 25 of the pot while the sole low hand winner will win 50 of the pot.Split pots in Omaha Hi/Lo, each of the two halves of an Omaha Hi/Lo pot can be split further if two or more players have an equal low or high hand.

If there is no qualifying low hand, the best high hand wins the whole pot.
But you are free to use any combination of two cards for the low and the high hand.
This is exactly the same.