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Inadequate Warnings on Toxic Finishers 1 Million Recovered Reached during trial for our client, a wood finisher, who, we contended, was caused to suffer permanent disabling damage to his central nervous system as a result of his use of certain spray and padding lacquers.
Ignoring its own engineers recommendation, the State instead merely bolted and strapped boulders in the area of the rock slide.
We not only represented the widows, but also several firefighters who were seriously injured at games slot free x the fire.We proved that the emergency room should have taken cat scans which would have revealed that there was pressure on the childs brain, requiring emergency surgery.He sought treatment from the defendant orthopedist who, rather than cast the arm, simply splinted the plaintiffs elbow.The boy was at the side of the road attending to a disabled vehicle at night when a motor vehicle struck him.Slip and Fall on Wet Floor 1 Million Verdict Our client, a patron of a high-end retail department store, slipped and fell on a wet terrazzo floor suffering a fractured hip.There were no lane warnings or flagmen to indicate that roadwork was being performed.In addition to obtaining contributions from the pool owner, the pool seller, the pool installer and the filter manufacturer, we defeated a specific policy exclusion and recovered 1,000,000 from the insurance carrier for our clients own parents.Fall From Truck 4 Million Recovered A 26 year old truck driver sustained numerous fractures when he fell from his truck because construction site personnel negligently misdirected him.It is the largest verdict ever obtained against the City of New York in a personal injury action.
Brain Injury at Birth.8 Million Recovered Hospital employees and obstetrician failed to promptly deliver a baby causing the baby to become oxygen deprived resulting in permanent brain damage.
Failure to Diagnose Eye infection.25 Million Recovered Physicians at an ophthalmology clinic were negligent in failing to timely diagnose and properly treat an eye infection resulting in the loss of a 40-year-old mans eye.Defective Crosswalk Pedestrian Falls 3 Million Verdict Our client was injured when she walked into a pothole that had been created as a result of defective roadway repairs.The Jury found the establishment to have been 100 at fault in not putting down mats at the entrance once it began to rain.Pedestrian Struck by Bus Crush Injuries to Legs.2 Million Recovered 29-year-old pedestrian in the crosswalk was struck by a bus making a left turn, causing her to suffer degloving and crush injuries to both legs, requiring surgery.She now suffers from small bowel syndrome.Pedestrian Stuck on Highway.2 Million Recovered 40-year-old pedestrian crossing a highway was struck by truck.Expert testimony demonstrated that the fire would have been prevented had the appropriate circuit breakers been installed to shut down the electrical source of the heat, which ultimately resulted in the fire.Worker Falls From Telephone Pole.5 Million Verdict Our client, a telephone lineman, was rendered a paraplegic when the telephone pole he had climbed fell over.