Usually, they only report for military duty and military nursing assignments one week-end per month and for one two-week period in a calendar year.
The higher bonuses are usually paid to nurse anesthetists and other hard to find specialty nursing jobs.You can even attend the program online.If you retire at the rank of Major or Lt hotel near casino singapore Colonel (quite achievable in a twenty year career) your retirement paycheck can be approximately 2200 per month.Monthly pay for military reserves is usually based on showing up for the week-end duty.Reserve nurses are considered to have a part time military commitment.Military hotels near harrah's new orleans casino nurses often have a lot of leeway when it comes to decision-making and this type of leadership experience may easily transfer to a civilian environment.Other tours exist including the ability to serve in public affairs, case management, and even tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Now Available from m, as if that isn't a good enough reason to join the army they have a sign up bonus program, student loan reimbursement, and tuition assistance programs.Home, types of Nurses, military, army and Navy Nursing Corps, military Nursing is a broad label given to the Army and Navy Nurse Corps.The army is also the only service that will allow a Registered Nurse with an ADN or other 2 year degree to join the army reserve.Get Your Free Information on Nursing Healthcare Programs.Military recruitment is big business and the Army and Navy require top-notch healthcare professionals.This is usually one week-end per month.Becoming an Army Reserve nurse is probably the easiest and the service with the most benefits.