There has been quite a few National Lottery Live Presenters and there has been a few people who started the lottery machines more than once.
The third number was drawn again.
Prizes range from 5 to the jackpot of 250,000.
Saturday the last ever Easy Play.Is it that same man who appeared on other shows as a streaker like ITV "This Morning"?On Saturday, lotto extra ended after 590 draws.I do know that the Lotto draw was recorded earlier in the evening.Something to do with the lottery commission not allowing more than 3 draws shown at find card games once (thunderball uses 2 machines lotto draw) On Christmas Eve Night, Tuesday 24 December 2002, saw the return of Big Draw game, in which tickets cost 5 each.187 shared 7,303 for matching all 6 numbers.
Current price.50.
The oldest Winner to win a big prize was Francis Joyce, born in 1910, won 184,742 on 24/01/97.The jackpot was a guarantee 10 million.Game 2, you were allocated a year between 10a year between 20Two years will be drawn, 1 from the previous 1000 years and 1 from the next 1000 years.The 2nd and 5th number took about 40 seconds to draw, while the others took 4 seconds to draw.Apart from the purposes described above, we shall only use the private information that you provide to us for the purposes described at the point of collection or for the purposes that are otherwise legally permitted.It was in fact, a male streaker with "THE balls decide" on his chest!The Largest unclaimed prize.

This could be the Thunderball Game.
40 of all adults playing the lottery are in a syndicate.