Slam Bonuses Other premium scores are awarded for bidding and making a "small slam" (a bid at the six-level, such as Six Hearts) or a "grand slam" (a contract at the seven-level, such as Seven Spades or Seven No-trump).
The final bid in the auction becomes the contract.
Connect-time charges may apply.
Omar Sharif Bridge II, cD or Download.The Microsoft apps to get google play money Bridge Club provides a superlative Internet bridge experience by offering the best bridge games and related educational content.The Microsoft Bridge Club will offer more events sanctioned by the American Contract Bridge League (acbl) than any other Internet bridge club in the world.Note to editors: If you are interested in viewing additional information on Microsoft, please visit the Microsoft Web page at m/presspass/ on Microsofts corporate information pages.Rules such as Standard American, 5 Card Majors, Standard English and Modern Acol.About the MSN Gaming Zone, with more than 8 million registered users from around the world and up to 450,000 unique visitors per day, the Zone is the most popular gaming community on the Internet.Online Omar Sharif Bridge II, play!A defender plays a card when he exposes it so that the other defender can see its face.Played Card, the declarer plays a card from his own hand when he places it on the table or when it is named as an intended play.The Play, take a card and place it, face up, in the center of the table.If a player is unable to follow suit, he may play any card.
How to Keep Score.Online Hoyle Card Games, play!Picture 1, bridge Butler, cD or Download, perfect program for beginning players who want to practice basic bridge skills.A game may be made in more than one deal, such as by scoring 60 and later 40, or it may be scored by making a larger bid and earning 100 or more points in a single deal.Alternatively, the declarer may name a card in the dummy and such a card must be played."Two No-trump" will overcall a bid of "Two Hearts and a bid of "Four Clubs" is required to overcall a bid of "Three No-trump".Bidding a Suit, bid a number of tricks greater than six that the bidder expects to win, and a suit which will become the trump suit.Game Setup/Rank of Suits, spades (High hearts, diamonds, clubs.

Declarer's Play, the declarer plays his own cards and the dummy's cards, but each in proper turn, since the dummy does not take an active part in the play.
Lesson mode includes the option for players to track their hands in every game and archive them for future analysis.