HOW TO dest CUT: A test cut is a foolproof way to see if the sled is set up correctly. .
As you hollywood casino and raceway continue to tighten, theyll force the tabs out slightly, effectively making the bar wider.Super strong steel construction, adjusts for a perfect glide in any standard 3/4" x 3/8" miter channel.Repeat this procedure until you obtain a satisfactory result.All mounting hardware included, california Residents: warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm If you have confidence in the accuracy of the reference line, clamp down the fence, drill a hole for a set screw on the end of the sled and screw down the fence.Note: I have a moderately priced contractor style table saw and, after this exercise, I came to the conclusion that my blade was just a hair off (maybe half a hair).However, in order to provide the proper results it must be built with care.Create perfectly square crosscut jigs fast.7) The next step will square the fence to the blade.
Easy one touch calibration, the ZeroPlay Guide is a "One-Touch Calibration" miter bar(9-1/2" in length) that has two stacked half bars with opposing wedges's that expand parallel evenly to fit the exact width of a standard miter slot for a perfect fit and smooth glide.
Attach the bar to your jig, and youre ready to roll.
It is cut 1/4" wider than the distance from the saw blade to the corresponding miter slot.The zeroplay Miter Bar System takes miter bars and table saw sleds to the next level of precision.Then, with a regular blade, cut a kerf in the hardboard.Photo two : Add glue to the runner.630 Fixture Locking Kit.99 Previous Page.Nylon Glidelock adjusting discs give the bars a smooth, low-friction travel.Allow an hour or two to dry.With adjustable spring plungers, the miter bar maintains constant pressure against the walls of the miter slot so you have virtually no play side to side, while being able to slide through the slot with ease.Repeat the process for the other half of the sled base.

Next, with the fence now secured to the sled, remove the clamp and make a test cut* to check if square.