Contact your local Army National Guard recruiter to princess casino santo domingo find out which positions are currently available in your state.
The Associated Press contributed to this report.Most units are eligible, but not all.Robert Abrams, head.S.Support Our Troops: The Semper Fi Fund provides financial assistance and support to service members and their families.The enlistment campaign was driven by Congress' decision late last year to beef up the size of the Army, echoing the spirit if not quite the extent of President Donald Trump's campaign promises to significantly increase military staffing and firepower.It's been difficult because a lot of these kids had plans and their families had plans.".Milper Message 17-156, SRB (Rescinded 22 Oct 17 milper Message 17-292, SRB (Rescinded 18 Oct 17 milper Message 17-089, SRB (Rescinded 24 May 17)."Time is our biggest challenge Evans said.Pseb Tier Levels, tier Level 1 (15,000 tier Level 2 (12,500)."I'm not going to kid you.
Money is the key.
Military, the Army is offering up to 90,000 bonus for some soldiers who commit to additional years of service.Greg Beaudoin, commander of 3rd Brigade, also is doing his part to meet the re-enlistment objective.Soldiers must successfully complete basic and advanced individual training and arrive at their first duty station before they receive the initial enlistment bonus payment.Available critical skill positions vary from state to state.At their peak, more than 160,000.S.Milper Message 17-153, SRB (Rescinded 15 May 17 milper Message 17-029, SRB (Rescinded 24 Mar 17 milper Message 17-014, SRB (Rescinded 24 Jan 17).The new bonuses have triggered a spike in re-enlistments, said Mst.Struggling to expand its ranks, the Army will triple the amount of bonuses it's paying this year to more than 380 million, including new incentives to woo reluctant soldiers to re-enlist, officials told The Associated Press.

Many have been planning their exits and have turned down multiple entreaties to stay.
Army special forces can also qualify for top level incentives.
An enlistment bonus of up to 20,000 is offered to NPS applicants enlisting for up to six years in designated units or critical skills.