lotto tic tac toe

How to Play, at each draw Seven (7) numbers will be selected randomly from a Random Number Generator (RNG) and matched by the i need to make cash right now player to the numbers displayed on his/her ticket to form lines.
500,- 5 Line, jackpot di Dia, rules, your play ticket is a bearer instrument.
Tic Tac Toe is a new and exciting promotional game launched officially on Nov 1st 2012.
This exciting game is fast, easy to win and available at all lottery agents island wide.This ticket with a valid signature and identification must be presented in order to claim prizes.Prizes up to Afl.500, may be claimed at any authorized flpd Agent.Ticket is void if altered, stolen, mutilated, defective, misprinted or if the ticket fails to pass any of the Lotterys confidential validation tests.Larger prizes must be claimed in person at the flpd Head Office.Tic Tac Toe is drawn six (7) days weekly, Monday to Saturday in the evening and Sunday the evening draw.Fundacion Lotto pa Deporte Aruba (flpd) is not responsible for lost or stolen tickets.Please examine it carefully for accuracy; it constitutes the only proof of a bet placed.Players win every time a line is made; lines must include three (3) winning numbers horizontally, vertically or diagonally.
5,- 3 Line, afl.
Prize Won 1 Line, free Ticket 2 Line, afl.Prize Payout Table, lines.You can win attractive cash prizes and the jackpot of the day.Ticket cost only afl.The information recorded on the flpd Central Computer takes precedence over information recorded on this ticket or selection slip.

All tickets and transactions are subject to the provisions of the Fundacion Lotto pa Deporte (FLpD) Aruba and the rules and regulations as established by the Government of Aruba.
Flpd reserves the right to publish the name, address and photograph of a winner.