lotto raffle numbers tonight

Tonight's Lotto draw has an amazing.8million is up for grabs.
Prize Breakdown, prize Level Prize Winners Match 6 4,084,955 1 Match 5 plus Bonus 1,000,000 1 Match 5 1,750 64 Match 4 140 4,315 Match 3 30 108,497 Match 2 Free Ticket 1,060,882 Totals - 1,173,760 Unfortunately your Lotto Raffle number did not match this.
There was also an increase in the second tier payout, 7 winners matched all 5 main game numbers and the Bonus Ball, this gave them a cash prize of darmowe gry sizzling ultra hot i inne over 40,000.
The latest Lotto Millionaire Raffle results where there will always be a guaranteed 1 million winner in each draw and 20 prizes of 20,000.We understand that due to the way the National Lottery is regulated it can take several hours for the results to become live and a further 24 hours before the results are checked by the website, most players will check the results manually and leave.There were 5 lucky winners who took home a prize of 83,107 by matching 5 main game numbers along with the bonus.There has been 4 jackpot rollovers to generate tonights mammoth estimated jackpot.7 million!The amount of winners are increased when the Lotto raffle is draw, tonights game will see 50 winners of 20,000.In the event of a win there can be fewer disputes in relation to who owns the ticket.If you managed to match the Lotto raffle number then you will win a fixed cash prize of 20,000, the Lotto raffle was implemented during a game shake up in a bid to offer players more chances to win.If you have purchased a ticket for tonights Lotto draw then you will be automatically entered into the Lotto raffle draw, 50 numbers will be chosen at random.An additional to the rollover is the jackpot, on account of ticket sales and a jackpot rollover the estimated prize fund for matching all the main game numbers.9 million which is a relatively large jackpot for Lotto.
If you choose to play online you will be preventing your ticket potentially becoming exposed to loss, damage or theft.
Tickets can be bought up to eight weeks in advance and cost.As your ticket is electronically stored there is no way your ticket will become lost.If you are thinking about purchasing a ticket for this draw we encourage you to do so by creating an online account for several reasons, here are a list of some of the main reasons people are buying tickets online; the snippet has been taken.Lotto draws take place every Wednesday and Saturday before.30pm.When the jackpot is rolled over so is the Lotto raffle winners, its scaled up by 50 each rollover meaning over 150 people can with the raffle in just one draw.Read More, lottery tips and dreams, maths wizard's cunning formula.There are some people who are not aware that the Lotto have implemented the new game so please inform friends and family about the change should they be regular players.Draw Date: Saturday 17th November Click to view prize breakdown Prize Breakdown Prize Level Prize Winners Match 6 2,627,216 2 Match 5 plus Bonus 25,318 3 Match Match 4 40 12,884 Match 3 25 217,620 Match 2 Free Ticket 1,515,914 Totals - 1,746,622 Millionaire Lotto.