Edited excerpts, how will app-based lotteries work?
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This can get quite addictive for users.
Some of our high-priced tickets could also be jackpots The draws could be on hourly, daily or weekly-basis; tickets of higher denomination may be drawn once a week.We prefer to call them digital lotteries though You simply have to download the app on your mobile phone and register with us for availing the services.That aside, by selling lotteries, these states collected close to Rs 1853 crore.Were targeting anybody who is above 18 years of age, says Vijay.The prize money or winnings could be any sum between a few hundred rupees to over.5 crore.The money that comes in, can be used to run various social welfare programmes such as Ayushman Bharat or education-for-all.Your winnings will stay in your balance so you can play more tickets or request a cashout.
If more states decide to float lottery schemes, well be able to raise at least Rs 50,000 crore.In 2017-18, the nine lottery-friendly states collected close to Rs 3950 crore as GST (on lottery sales).By opening a mobile distribution channel, were trying to bring on board many more customers.Lotteries are a Rs 50,000-crore business in India.The company will roll out its mobile platform (app) Luckykhel over the next few days.These lotteries would be sold on mobile phones via a mobile app.These measure would control seepages.Well ira payout status start with Goa, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh state lotteries; were also trying to get Punjab and Maharashtra on board.