1993 15th Birthday Special: Fifteen Candles.
3326 Left Turn in the Last Frame.
1162 Garfield Retold Retold Retold.
1481 Guitar-Playing Cat.1771 Garfield Hat Pirates (Or: 'One Garfield.3481 #1 in Boogie Land.1722 Jon's Worries Come To Pass.933 Garf-Bit Theater.185 Humans Are casino free slot machines 100 line Nice.2205 Super Garfield 3D World.2103 Sweeney Garfield (aka Variations on a Haircut #3).441 Garfield Mimas Garfield.510 Garfield Pine Nuts Garfield.852 Tulip Tiptoe.
1603 Garfield Minus an S and a.
2571 A Perfect Day For pogo texas holdem cheat Lasagnafish.
672 Dismal February.783 Blending the Fourth Wall.831 Nightmare Minus Garfield (and Odie).3225 You shouldn't have given me the idea.2971 Negative Piecers.1779 Letter to Santa.109 April of No Sundays Collection.1298 Squeezedfield - Vertical.1252 Stay In Character, Garfield.1316 Spot The Difference With Garfield.