locking cash box with top slot

There was no awards card or awards card frame.
Numbered reel strips and awards card.
This machine is working and non-restored.
1920's Mills Operators Bell This is an point molate casino English Penny machine and will play with US half dollars.If you are serious about selling please e-mail us or call 734.475.9730 with a description of your pre-1950's machine.Original 5 cent machine in working condition and recently serviced, not restored.Nice original 25 cent machine red light.This is a 10 cent version of the Victory Chief.If you have a basket case I can take care of that as well.NO shipping, pick UP only Additional pictures on request via email 1938 Pace Melon Comet Serial # FDC0063M.
How can you tell if your machine is pre-1951?Additional pictures on request via email 1934 Mills Chevron QT Serial # 17199.Mills, Jennings and Pace tried to compete by bringing their own line of EM machines in but it simply didn't work out and led to their demise.Nice original non-restored 5 cent machine.We also spend a lot of time.Don't miss your opportunity to own a piece of our great American history.1933 Jennings Duchess Nice original 5 cent machine, cleaned, lubed and tuned.Melon jackpot counter reads 332.Thanks for stopping, remember restoration is our main business.

These are far less common than a Brown Front/Bursting Cherry.
Looking for the front cover to a Jennings 4 Star Chief mint vendor.
Some of them were kept in operation by attached "vendors" that rewarded customers with mints, candy, or cigarettes in return for their coins, thus skirting the law.