Dynasty League Specifications 12 teams / 3 divisions of 4 teams.
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Failing to submit a lineup multiple times during the season can also result in expulsion.Several years ago we had a couple of requests from long-time leagues looking for local owners to participate in in-person drafts and other league sponsored activities.All official transactions are final.If you live in the area of any of these leagues and you're interested in participating, please email OnRoto Support and we'll get your email address to the league commissioner and you can take it from there.Players acquired are available immediately for use in the lineup the week they are picked.Was the trade so obviously in favor of one team that it compromises the integrity of the league?All trades must be approved by the sole discretion of the Commissioner.Game of skill: Quest Fantasy Football Leagues are a game of skill.
Examples include, but not limited to, starting injured or bye week players when you have replacements available, or benching players that should obviously be starting.
Dynasty League Trading During Season: There is no limit to the number of players a team can trade in a given week.Further action, such as the possible removal from the league, may be taken.QuestFFL contests are subject to all United States laws, and to the QuestFFL official League Rules, and cannot be used in connection with any form of gambling.Repeated attempts at tanking will result in expulsion without refund.In addition, attempts to negatively impact the integrity of the league (i.e.In business since 2008 and with an impeccable A Better Business Bureau rating, we're the only fantasy sports consumer protection agency on Earth.Roster Minimums Quest Bronze, Silver, Gold, Elite 22 player active roster, 2 Injured Reserve spots, and 1 Taxi Squad spot (Any player is eligible for.The lowest team picks first in all rounds, and the best team picks last.Quest run teams function like any other team.Future year card games for thanksgiving draft picks can be traded, but each team involved must pay for the next year in full.

If you see questionable lineups, contact me by email prior to players locking in lineups.
Bye week players cannot be started under any circumstance, with the exception of QBs in 2 QB leagues.