Where else could such an epic poker game for the secret control of Jerusalem be played but in the antiquities shop belonging to Haj Harun, the three thousand-year-old knight-errant who emerged as the guardian of the Holy City in Edward Whittemore's last novel, Sinai Tapestry.
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He finances a vast network of spies dedicated to destroying the players, and his aim is to win complete power over Jerusalem.
Report "Jerusalem Poker copyright 2018 epdf.We share information about your activities on the site with our partners and Google partners: social networks and companies engaged in advertising and web analytics.The Great Jerusalem Poker Game, as its eventually known, continues for the next twelve years the players unwilling to leave a competition whose prize is control of Jerusalem.The Great Jerusalem Poker Game, as it came to be called, continued for twelve years - the stakes nothing less than the control of Jerusalem itself.Privacy Policy and, google Privacy Terms.About Us, privacy Policy, terms of Service.
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But before the final hand is played to determine the destiny of the Holy City, a dangerous new player enters the picture: Nubar Wallenstein, an Albanian alchemist determined to achieve immortality, and heir to the worlds largest oil syndicate.
On the last day of December 1921, three men sat down to a game of poker in the back room of an antiquities shop in Jerusalem: * Cairo Martyr an enigmatic black giant from Africa who controlled the supply of aphrodisiac mummy dust in the.T before the final round of poker begins, yet another contender for the ultimate hegemony of the eternal city appears: Nubar Wallenstein, heir to the largest oil syndicate in the world and a fanatical alchemist, whose crazed quest for immortality leads him to develop.Su especialidad siempre han sido los ovnis y la secuela bucks county bingo de hipĆ³tesis que desencadenan en la imaginaciĆ³n del hombre.The second book of the Jerusalem Quartet, in which the fate of the Holy City is determined by an epic poker game played in the back of a Jerusalem antiques shop.The players are as exotic as the game: Cairo Martyr, a one-time African slave, now the Middle Easts chief supplier of aphrodisiac mummy dust; Joe OSullivan Beare, an Irish tradesman with a specialty in sacred phallic amulets; and Munk Szondi, an Austro-Hungarian Imperial Army colonel.

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