how to play shithead card game

The loser typically suffers some forfeit such as having to make the tea, or at least has the job of shuffling and dealing the next hand.
Shithead strategy tip.
Your four jacks will be useful for clearing the table in the endgame.
If you flip your last card and it is not playable, you must pick it up along with the pile.The card or cards played must be of equal to or of higher rank than previous play.If you draw further cards equal in rank to your face up cards, you can put these face up too if you wish, on top of the matching cards, and replenish again to three cards; this process can be repeated as long as you continue.Play then continues horseshoe casino cleveland entertainment as before.When a player runs out of ALL his/her cards, he/she is home free from being a shithead.There is also another very important thing to keep track.
The dealer deals a row of three face-down cards to each player, one at a time.
Here are the usual special cards: Deuces, a new start.
Paskahousu ( "shit pants" ).At this point you must stop.You always have to play a higher card than the person before you.It was created by (1993 the description is by Paul JaYmes (1997).Eights have to be played on a lower card, like all normal cards, but when someone plays an eight, you skip the next player.As people drop out of the game, the remaining players continue playing.Reverse Shithead is a variation contributed by Andrew Duthie, which includes a reverse phase where beating the previous player's card is compulsory but disadvantageous.When they run out of their face up cards, they play their face down cards (they are still not allowed to look at each of them, until they play them one by one!).If after playing you have fewer than three cards in your hand, you must immediately replenish your hand by drawing from the stock so that you have three cards again.If you pick up you do not play any cards on that turn, but your left hand neighbour, who is next in turn to play, starts a new discard pile by playing any card or set of equal cards she wishes.